Lynn McNamara(non-registered)
Your art embodies the West of my dreams and my memories. Thank you for making it alive again for me.
Uncle, Wayne(non-registered)
Your Body of Work is Awe Inspiring; it Moves Me!
Sherrie Mahaffey(non-registered)
I love your photos,Mike. You have captured in terrific detail the spirit and beauty of the West!
Jodi Abbott(non-registered)
I have been going to Tombstone, AZ since 1969. It's such a quirky town, filled with history, legends, friendly people and the best prickly pear margaritas I've ever tasted. I am thrilled to have discovered your gallery of this enchanting place.
Robin S. Marchand(non-registered)
I love looking at you photography work. You are a great inspiration to me. I wish someday I will be about to take photos and travel like you do. Is a dream of mine. Someday...I will.
You have an incredible talent. I adore your work.
Thank you for sharing such a gift.
Tombstone is one of my favorite places and you represent it beautifully.
Ricky Barnett(non-registered)
These are incredible!!
Larry Lee(non-registered)
OMG, some of the best pic's I have ever seen
Elizabeth Bjornen(non-registered)
Thank you for making Tombstone one of the most beautiful cities in the West, as well as the art that goes into your photos. I stand in awe of such talent
Jeannie End(non-registered)
Love the photos of Tombstone. Your photos have captured the details, beautiful. I enjoyed looking at your photos. My Husband and I visit Tombstone twice year we love it. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.
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